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  • Hello. Is it ok to ask you someting in english?I'm quite new to the RC crawler world and I'm very interested in the Reely Freemen.Do you think the Kit version is too much for a beginner?I have other RC car and I think I'll be capable of assemble it correctly.Is there a real difference having an IOC on the Kit and not on the RTR?Thanks.
  • Thank you for the answers.I'm leaning to the RTRLet's go step by step and start with a tested package.Later there is plenty of time to make changes.RTR Pro is a big leap in price.Do you think the included battery is enough?I already have a Lipo charger and a small 2s 1500mah lipoI plan to buy a 2500 or so 3s battery.Not looking for longer durations. 40-60 min is enoughDo you recommend any from
  • I just ordered the car.At the end I went for the RTR for an easy start.Also bought a set of mud guards (inner fenders). I think looks good with them and also keep the mud and dirt to get in.First I'm gonna run it with the included battery and motor. Let's see how it goes.Later probably will change the motor to a slower one. Maybe a 5slot. I read interesting things about them.Do I need to check something on arrival?Grease on gears, loose screws, shock oil,...?About shock oil. On stock shocks, wha…