Installing Trim Rings using 4 part Foams

  • I've tried google and youtube looking for a video on the full process of installing foams, but there is nothing covering or using trim rings, so I'm asking you guys.

    This is my first try with multi piece foams and having to glue the tire on the rim. Only 1 piece foams and bead lock wheels before.

    I just got a new set of tires/foams/wheels yesterday and started trying to install the 4 piece foams from Crawler innovations and ran into trouble with the tuning rings when I went to put things together.

    4 parts: Comp cut inner closed cell, soft outer open cell, tuning rings and tuning discs.

    I'm trying a few different things here. Soft red Voodoo pins and Crawler innovations 1.5 wheels. The tires are so soft I want to run 1 tuning disc on the inner side of each. The tires are big and square and the wheels are wide so I don't think I need to trim the edges off of the foams or cut them narrower, but when I tried to install the tuning rings they get bunched up inside the tire and won't lay down. Do they need to be glued to the outer foam first? If so how do you go about that and with what glue?

    I had the thought to cut the tuning ring and take out a section to decrease diameter so it fit into the tire right, install a tuning disc, then install the outer foam, then the inner. But I don't know if that's a good idea and could cause issues with the tuning ring bunching up, so I thought I'd ask for advice and technique first.

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    "Code" ?

  • If someone knows of a how to video that would be easiest. In English would be best for me but if it is in German at least I can watch what they do. Thank You

  • Hi modifier,

    it´s more or less easy to put in a translation in a forum post ... The problem is by Google.

    If you translate somethig, copy it from Google translater and put it in a word doc. In Word you can change something if you want. And you copy again from word doc and insert it in your forum post.

    If you have any questions, contact me ehen ever.



  • Hy Modifier,

    If I understood you right, you have some problems to assambly Beadlock Wheels, some Tires and Foams - am I right?

    May you can make some pictures to show your problem - pictures are saying more than 1000 words. If you like to upload some picture click at the button "Dateianhänge" it means attachments. To upload Pictures from your computer use the button "Hochladen". The rest is on you.

    Hopfully I could explain it well to you?

    Best regards, Detlef

  • Hi Detlef, Thank you for the reply. No I'm good with everything except how to install the foram trim rings, and on this build I'm using glue on wheels. 4 part foams = 1. Inner hard ring. 2. Outer soft ring. 3. Trim disc. 4. Outer Trim Ring. #4 is the issue.