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    RC Jeeps Hungary is organising its scale trial championship for the second year in a row!

    However, this time not only in the 1,9 category, but also in the 2,2.
    Last year, following the meeting which took place after the final race , the regulations have now been implemented, so that everyone can prepare themselves accordingly for this year's season.

    this year, just like previous years, we warmly welcome everybody!

    RCJH Four seasons Scale RC Trial Cup 2015.

    Rules of the competition:

    Category 1,9

    Chassis, body:

    In case of a closed car body, both rail chassis and bathtub chassis (tamiya xc style chassis) can be used, however, in a tube chassis, only rail chassis shall be allowed. this can reach the back of front seats, from there onwards it is sufficient for the tube to stretch to the back (truggy style).

    The vehicle's wheelbase should adjust to the car body's fender flares, the wheels should not exceed the front and back bumpers.
    Bumpers are compulsory, their minimum width should exceed 50 % of the widest part of the car.

    Vehicles may be maximum biaxial, the use of rear wheel steering, MOA and dig is not allowed.
    Battery location is not allowed on the axle .

    The drive system can only have three drive shafts and the car may only go forward by the wheels motion (except for winching).

    The use of different systems for deteriorating the centre of gravity is not allowed, and shall be penalised by expulsion.
    Minimal wheelbase: 240 mm
    Minimal axle track: 165 mm

    The body:

    Both the "soft" eg. Lexan and the "hard" body eg. Styrol composite of ABS controller are permitted. The use of Styrol, composite and ABS.
    In the case of an open car body and tube chassis the inside of the car should constructed as follows:
    (roll bar, complete dash panel, steering wheel, pedals, gears, two seats)
    /In case of an originally fitted Lexan semi-car body the pedals are not compulsory/
    In case of an open car body the roll bar should be adjusted to the wind shield frame height, the wind shield frame may be folding, but the front of the roll bar should be in that place.
    The car body should contain the bonnet and the fenders and even in the case of the tube chassis it should cover the front and rear wheels' one third.
    The fenders shall not be fixed onto axles, but in all cases be part of the car body and roll bar.

    Tires, wheels:

    Both wheel sizes of 1,55 and 1,9 may be allowed with any size of tyres available on the market. All tyres of the vehicle shall absolutely match, only two wheels per axle, double wheeled gearing is not permitted.


    All frequency models are allowed, but in case of replaceable crystal-technology, frequency adjusting is necessary.

    Scale accessories and their worth:

    Compulsory equipment:

    Basic lighting (two front headlights white or yellow, 2 red ones in the rear) 2 points
    Jerry can 2 points
    Wiper blades /no stickers/ 2 points
    Fire extinguisher 2 points
    Towing rope 2 points

    -Hard body 12 points
    -Scale lighting (indicators on the sides, brake light, reverse light) basic lighting 4 points
    -driver (fitting in size) 6 points
    -passenger (fitting in size) 6 points
    -Steering wheel, which is steered by the driver's hand motion 6 points
    -metal roll bar 6 points
    -plastic roll bar 3 points
    -Roof rack 6 points
    -external mirrors (pair) 2 points
    -functioning winch 4 points
    -winch anchor 2 points
    -tow rope shackles on the bumper 1 point per item
    -Fuel tank (under the vehicle) 2 points
    -Box, case 2 points
    -sand ladder (1 pair)/ Maximum size: 160x45mm 2 points
    -spare tire/ matching in size/ 4 points
    -mat 2 points
    -sleeping bag 2 points
    -2. Tow rope (if other : eg. flat belt towing rope, or wire rope) 2 points
    -spade 2 points
    -shovel 2 points
    -axe 2 points
    -License plate (pair) / can be a sticker/ 2 points
    -all other non listed item 1 point (from each a maximum of 3 points may be accumulated)

    As an accessory, only one item will be permitted regarding the weighting system.

    There is no limit to Scale points.


    The championship consists of four day-races, according to seasons, a night race will also take place as part of the summer race. (during the night race only power LED lights will be permitted)


    On the morning of the races a compulsory scrutineering by the organisers shall take place. Any remarks, altering in terms of points shall be made before the end of the scrutineering process.
    The start order is then drawn and announced.
    The judges are responsible for awarding points during the races, the judges don't enter the competition.
    The number of tracks (2 or 3) will depend on the number of applications, the results of the races will add up.
    In addition, each started minute will be penalised by 2 points (eg. for a result of 12 mins. 45 secs. 26 points penalty will be added) and the collected scale points should be subtracted from that.
    Reversing is not penalised at a race, however it has be noted that the gates can only be validated if they are on the vehicle's right side, at some stages of the race, gates might be located on both sides, and these can also be validated by reversing.
    A gate is considered validated if the vehicle has completely gone through the gate pairs.
    Missed gates are considered as a major penalty.
    Hitting the sticks indicating the gates is penalised in all cases. The gates that have previously been validated may be hit during further stages of the race, either by going forward or reversing.


    Winching may be used only to a terrain feature or to another car sent for rescue, or the racer's own anchor winch is allowed which the judges may help to hold in case of soft terrain conditions.
    During the winching all equipment mounted on the vehicle may be used as well as the different sizes of usual winching accessories (eg.: Snatch block, snatch strap).

    Using a sand ladder:

    A sand ladder may only be used on a 1:1 scale, this means in the front of the vehicle's wheels, flat.
    If the vehicle's tire is on it, further adjustments may not be permitted.
    The maximum size of the sand ladders is regulated, these may not fold nor attachable.


    The tracks and the cars likewise are on a scale arrangement basis, with small terrain declination, in some parts low water-levels.
    The gates should be validated in a given order and from a certain direction, hitting the advertising boards on the tracks sides are minor penalties, the band or chain indicating the track between the gates may be crossed with two wheels, hitting with the a third wheel will count as a major penalty.


    Minor penalty:
    10 points (touching the gate , using the winching, touching the ad boards)

    Major penalty:
    30 points (hiting the gate, rolling over, touching the vehicle with feet or hand, leaving the track, missed gates)

    Category 2,2:

    The chassis, the body:

    In the case of "lexan" or hard car body, the use of rail chassis is compulsory, in a tube chassis the tube is the main bracket, under-carriage is not compulsory.

    The cars, the body should have a "scale" appearance, crawler stick is not allowed.
    The car body should not cover the tyres, but considering the centre-line, the axles cannot be more than 35mm apart in the front and 40 mm at the rear from the inside of the wheels.
    Vehicles may be maximum biaxial and there can be a maximum of 3 cardan drives.
    1 motor drive will be allowed and this cannot be placed on the axle (MOA), but Four Wheel Steering and DIG are possible.
    In the case of an open or tube chassis car body, the roll bar should adjust to the wind shield frame height, and should take its place, furthermore this is where the interior should be established, consisting of the following items:
    (roll bar, complete dash panel, steering wheel, pedals, gears, two seats)
    /In case of an originally fitted Lexan semi-car body the pedals are not compulsory/
    The car body should include the bonnet and the size feature, these should cover all electronic items, the fenders , however, are not compulsory.
    The cars shall be equipped with 5 optional accessories from the 1,9 category's list of accessories.

    Tyres, wheels:

    2,2 sized tyres are permitted with any wheels available on the market.
    All tyres of the vehicle shall absolutely match, only two wheels per axle, double wheeled gearing is not permitted for each side.


    One track shall be designated per race.

    The track will be indicated by bands on each side.

    The terrain may be muddy, earthy, rocky and wet in some places (waterproof electronic systems are strongly advised).


    The racers may stand in an optional order at the starting line.

    The trace will develop following the given gate order.
    The cars may only move forwards through the use of the wheels only, winching is strictly forbidden.
    So is winch down.
    The winner is the one with the most validated gates or reaching the finish line.
    In case of equal number of points, the faster racer will be in a better position.
    The racers have two attempts, if the car turns over and cannot continue the race, then the racer shall give up at that point.
    After two attempts the poorest result will be deleted.


    -stalling of the car
    -rolling over
    -leaving the track with all four wheels

    After each penalty, the actual race will be over and the results will be recorded.

    Applications in private.

    Maximum of 2 people can apply with the same car.


    The first 3 will won prizes per race in the categories 1,9 and 2,2.

    Prizes are offered by our sponsors.

    At the end of the competition we will announce the winner and the final results.

    And to motivate everyone for the year 2015 to take part in all our races, we will draw a prize of a car after our last race between the racers who took part in all competitions.

    If You have any question about the rules, competitions, please contact me in PM or e-mail: batkaaa@postafiok.hu

    RC Jeeps Hungary:

    Kornyik „Api” Attila
    Kornyik „batkaaa” Attila
    Fördős „Citroёnpeti” Péter

    RC Jeeps Hungary Team Driver
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    2013 H.R.C.C.T. Scale Trial Championship Winner
    2014 C.E.S.T. Overall 1st Place
    2014 Home-Road RC Trial Championship Overal 2nd Place

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  • have you some piktures of the location? ...Thanks


    the races are always on different locations.

    here are some pictures and videos about last year's competitions, hope you like it :)




    RC Jeeps Hungary Team Driver
    facebook page

    got clearance? ;)

    2013 H.R.C.C.T. Scale Trial Championship Winner
    2014 C.E.S.T. Overall 1st Place
    2014 Home-Road RC Trial Championship Overal 2nd Place